Segine ™

If you've noticed uneven or weakened areas on your scalp or excess strands of hair on your brush or in the shower, you are not alone. Hair loss statistics show that approximately 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from some type of hair loss.

To stop hair loss, you have to discover the root of the problem. The most common causes include hereditary baldness, aging, and stress.

Sounds alarming, right? Do not worry. This is where Segine ™ comes in, the Holy Grail for accelerating hair growth and preventing hair loss. Made from 100% natural and organic botanicals that repair, strengthen and improve all hair types.

The Ultimate Hair Elixir

Segine ™ is a multipurpose ally against hair loss, leaving hair thicker, healthier and stronger. Time to give your glorious crown a break!

In just 4 weeks, the Concentrated Serum will help you achieve thicker, fuller and denser hair with a cocktail of smart hair care ingredients.

Get that little extra tender and sweet care with Segine ™ to nourish hair follicles, improve hair texture and promote new hair growth.

Perfect for:

Perfect for:

  1. All kinds of hair loss problems, including premature baldness and receding hairline.
  2. Sensitive scalp prone to inflammation and itchiness. 
  3. Scalp problems like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and many more. 

Amazing Benefits

  • Prevents and reduces hair loss
  • Accelerates hair growth
  • Tones and revitalizes the hair fiber
  • Regulates the production of sebum on the scalp
  • Helps prevent breakage and split ends

How to Use

How to Use

  1. On dry, shampooed hair, apply 1-2 doses of Segine ™, starting at the ends, working up to the crown.
  2. Gently massage into the scalp for 2-5 minutes.
  3. Use the fingertips to introduce the tonic.
  4. Allow to dry naturally or until completely absorbed.

* For best results, use 3 bottles within 3 months. 

A Combination of Restoring and Nourishing Oils Actively Fortifies and Regenerates Hair

Wild Ginger

Its main ingredient, wild ginger help cleanses the blockage of the hair cuticle that build up by SILICONE. Restored the moisture and  provide our hair follicles with nourishment.

Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng is considered the power of botany. It prevents hair loss, gray hair, and improves flexibility, resulting in greater strength and length of the hair.

Users Who Have Experienced Real Results

  The images speak for themselves. My hair used to be very fine on the top front of my head. With some clarity, you could even see my scalp. I tried combing my hair, but it was getting worse. I've been testing all kinds of different products. Everything from biotin shampoos, pills, and hair growth products. Neither helped my hair grow. Some products even made it worse. After only 3 weeks of using Segine ™, I see new growth in places where my hair was almost bald. My hair has also thickened on the scalp. A few drops of this go a long way! I am very excited to continue using it for better results. 

KEL Marks, CA

✔  Verified Purchase

  If you are experiencing hair loss or just want your hair to be healthier and longer, Segine ™ is a small price to pay. I am very impressed because I have tried many things and have not seen many results. I started losing the hair on the back of my head 3 years ago. Back then, it didn't bother me because it didn't show too much. Over time, it only got worse. A friend from work told me about Segine ™ and I looked into it. In short, 2 months later, I am amazed with the results. The bald spots are completely covered and my hair feels strong and thick. Highly recommended!  

SARA Bristol, ny

✔  Verified Purchase

  I have been very embarrassed about my hair loss and I shouldn't be. I'm only 30 years old and I shouldn't lose my hair. I have been dealing with a lot of stress at work recently and it has caused my hair to fall out like crazy. I came across Segine ™ and thought there was nothing wrong with trying. Boy what a surprise! I have been using it for two weeks now and my husband has noticed the change in my hair growth and the filling of my baldness in just over 5 days. Just look at the proof in the photos. I put about 6 drops on my hair in the morning and leave it on all day. It's something amazing. Test it. You will not be disappointed.  


✔  Verified Purchase

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