10 in 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit

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This 10 in 1 Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit is FUN, COMPACT and has EVERYTHING. Why carry around a bulky and extremely pricey digital camera which can be lost or broken? This lens kit has everything you need. The 10x telephoto lens takes great long-distance shots; and the Fisheye, Macro, and wide-angle lenses are fun closer shot lenses. Interesting filter lens are come together.

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  • 10 in 1 Lens Kit: This Complete phone camera lens kit includes 10x telephoto lens, 198 fisheye lens, 0.63x wide angel lens,15x macro lens, CPL lens, Kaleidoscope lens, flow / radial / star filter lens.
  • Portable: Phone camera usually has a 2x digital zoom function which is not satisfactory for super long distance. The 10x attachable telephoto lens on this set will definitely enhance the telephoto function.
  • Suitable for All Phone: Suit for iPhone X/Xs, iPhone 8/8plus, 7/7plus, 6/6plus. Samsung Note7/8/9, Galaxy S8/S8plus, S9/S9Plus, S7/S7Edge, S6/S6Edge, S5. Pixel/Pixel XL, Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL. LG Series, Motorola Phones. They all works nicely. However, aligning the clip-on above the outward convex phone cameras may take some times.
  • Easy to Use: Macro lens and wide angle lens are screw together when received. To make the macro lens functional, simply unscrew the upper part of the Combination. To use wide angle effect, keep the combination together.
  • Will Work with Case On: Some of phone’s camera are outward convex, so a thin phone case will be a nice idea (Not for thick case like Otter case).
  • Shape: Round
  • Phone Camera TypeWide-Angle Lens
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Highest quality optical glass
  • Compatible: for iPhone 6 7 7S 8 X /HTC/Samsung and others mobile phone.
1 X 10 in 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit