3 in 1 Wall Detector - Stud, Metal Rebar, AC Live Wires

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Easy-to-read LCD screen and ergonomic non-slip handle make it easy to detect targets on the wall. Automatic calibration anywhere on the wall to find studs,metal rebar or live ac wires very quickly and easy,

Move the instrument close to the wall and move it slowly. When metal, stud or AC cables are detected, it will show signal strength and beep. According to the signal strength, the exact location of the material can be judged to avoid drilling failure.

The detector can detect AC cables with a voltage higher than 110V, 50-60Hz, and the sensitivity may be weaker when grounded. Portable size with carrying bracket for easy use and perfect for storage.

Quick detection saves users time and effort, making task completion easier and safer. Professional wall detectors can be used to detect metal, wood and AC cables hidden in the walls.