360 Degree Rotating Cushion

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Do you have elderly at home? or People who have disability? this is the best Cushion for you to help them coming down from bed and car!

360 Degree Rotating Cushion 

    1. Rotation 360°, easy to get off for the elderly, pregnant woman, disability & kids
    2. Designed for car or chair ,help prevent back and hip strain
    3. Soft ,comfortable top surface
    4. Unique anti-slip base ensures the cushion stays firmly in place

    • Style: Ultra-thin swivel cushion
    • Material:PP,flannel ,21OD poly nylon cloth,memory sponge 
    • Color:Dark blue
    • Weight:280g
    • Size:40cm


    • Product life:3-4 years under normal use
    • Application season: used in four seasons
    • Applicable models: five seater general
    • Washing instructions: general surface cleaning, do not machine washable

    Package Includes:

    1 x Car cushion