360 Mini Laser Spinner Car

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360 Mini Laser Spinner Car

Get ready to have more fun than ever before with the 360 Mini Racing Stunt Car! 
Looking for a toy for toddlers to keep them entertained and happy? Looking for something to help you relax and have fun when at home or work? Looking for something that’s both portable and provides hours of use? If yes, then you’ve found it!

With a super fast speed, colorful design and endless ways to play this car toy with real lights will become your new favorite way to pass your time and have fun with friends to make every moment of your day fun, entertaining and awesome!

Countless Ways To Play & Have Fun!
360 Mini Racing Stunt Car comes with a hanging rope and transparent sphere to let you and your child do all kinds of challenging and fun stunts that are both thrilling and exciting ensuring you don’t get tired of playing with it any time soon

What’s Included:
Racing Car : Experience the thrill of speed like never before! 
Hanging Rope : Take it with you wherever you go or use it to spin the toy car in one place 
USB Cable : Lets you quickly charge the racing car anytime you want! 
Transparent Sphere : Put the racing car inside and watch it spin around and around in high speed while giving off gorgeous lighting!

Features You’ll Love:
✔ Super fast speed goes up to 25km/h!
✔ Features a fast charging rechargeable battery with USB cable
✔ Helps you relax and decompress while having fun!
✔ Lightweight and portable, take with you anywhere you go!
✔ Countless stunts to do and ways to play
✔ Great gift for birthday and holidays for boys and girls!

Whether it’s a long holiday, on a park bench or a day at the beach you can count this stunt car to keep you happily entertained so Order Today and start having fun!