55°C Mug

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Have you ever faced the problem of your drinks are too hot to take a sip? Or maybe your hot drinks are getting cold before you can enjoy them due to the temperature of the surrounding? Here's the perfect item for you! Introducing the 55°C Mug, you can now maintain your drinks at the perfect 55°C, which is just nice to take a sip and enjoy your drinks.

The function of this mug is to maintain your drink's temperature on the heat panel, which will be heated up to 55°C. 

Don't worry about the electricity consumption! The smart eco-sensor at the bottom of the heating panel will be turned off whenever you lift your mug, and turned back on when you place your mug back on the heating panel.
Cleaning the heating panel is easy, simply wipe the heating panel with a wet cloth to remove any tea/coffee stains will do.