Fit-IN Hexagon Wrench (Adjustable to fit all 16 Bolt Size)

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Different sized wrench slowed down your working process when it always doesn't fit ???

Now we have a product offer that can effectively solve this !

Introducing the 

Fit-In Hexagon Wrench ! 

This Fit-In Hexagon Wrench is unlike any wrench you've ever seen before. In fact, it looks and works more like pliers than a wrench. This innovative designed tools has a pair of spring-loaded handles and a circular head that's fitted with 4 hardened steel jaws. As you squeeze the handles, all 4 jaws slide toward the centre and lock onto the head of the nut or bolt

Features :

  • Adjustable to fit in all bolts & pipes- Adjustable Hexagon Wrench grip pliers spanner, which is convenient to use
  • Portable & Convenient - Portable hand tool for repairing and daily maintenence.
  • Lightweight Tool - Lightweight and easy to carry, great accessory for daily use.
  • Easy to hold - Rubberized handle for easy effort


  1. Made from premium carbon steel, it is hard, wear-resistant and durable for long use.
  2. Adjustable hexagonal wrench easily adjusts to cover several sizes of screws.
  3. Ergonomic designed handle for comfortable grip and easy use.
  4. It is lightweight, portable and easy to carry in your tools bag.
  5. Perfect repair tool for repairman, workshop and so on.


1) Closed End Wrench
Material: High carbon steel
Color: Black 
Size: 8 inch x 4.7 inch
Package includes: 1* Adjustable Hexagon Wrench
2) Open End Wrench
Material: High carbon steel
Color: Black & Silver
Size: 8 inch x 4.1 inch
Package includes:
1* Adjustable Hexagon Wrench