Angle Drill Attachment

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This is a Angle Drill Attachment and this is one of the best tool you've seen in a long time! A true improvement on the right angle drive. Anyone who has ever had to drill under a sink, between joists or behind an appliance will know why this tool is indispensable, and much better than the usual right angle attachment. The handle both locks the angle securely and can be positioned where you need it for support or clearance. 


It's lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for any plumber, electrician, HVAC installer and homeowner! 

Product Features

  • Can be used with cordless and power drills, as well as sanding or buffing attachments and other drilling accessories
  • High impact plastic body with steel keyed chuck and lubricated steel gears
  • Removable handle for added torque and control allows for both right or left-handed use

Product Information

  • Material: Plastic + Aluminum
  • Chuck diameter: Support: 0.8-10 mm, 3/8-24 UNF (US-made fine thread)
  • Degree: 90°
  • Handle: 9.5 mm round handle
  • Weight: 450 g