Antique Coin Polisher

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Instantly remove tarnish, rust, oxidation from coins surfaces with Antique Coin Polisher!


Tarnish is a thin layer of dull, grey, or black corrosion that can form on several metals and – in this case – silver items. For silver this is caused by hydrogen sulphide in the air, which it reacts with. Unlike rust, it is superficial, affecting only the top few layers of material and actually protects the underlying metal.

Thanks to the highly effective formula, the cream offers an all-in-one solution to clean, shine & protect your metal possession. After removing all the flaws, it leaves a deep lustrous shine with a long-lasting, protective & tarnish-repelling finish.

Enjoy your time cleaning your coin and making them shine once again! With its non-abrasive feature, it’s completely safe and non-damaging to any metal products, which makes it widely applicable to copper, brass, sterling silver, aluminium, stainless steel or even gold. 

-Instantly & safely remove tarnish, oxidation, rust etc.
-Cleans, polishes & protects in one go
-Provides shiny, long-lasting protective coating
-100% Non-abrasive & non-damaging
-Widely applicable to copper, brass, chrome, sterling silver, aluminium, stainless steel, gold etc.
-No irritating smell

1. Apply a small on a metal object
2. Use a cloth to wipe

Package Included:
1 bottles X Antique Coin Polisher (10g)