Brake Oil Changing Nozzle

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Brake Oil Changing Nozzle is specially designed to fit snuggly onto a wide range of brake and hydraulic clutch bleed screws. It forms an airtight seal, and maintains a firm grip on the screw nipple. It's airtight feature prevents from oil leakage and thus ensure a smooth bleeding process. Grab this NOW! Get rid away from the troubles and you can bleed your brake easily and efficiently!

Easy Operation: One person can complete the braking oil exchange. so it is easy to operate.
Oil And Air Change: The oil and air can be quickly changed, so the exchange tool is easy to work.

Suitable Vehicles: Suitable for cars, trucks and construction vehicles. (Small models can slowly pull out the screws)
Exquisite Appearance: The exchange tool has an exquisite appearance for comfortable using.
Effectively Repairing: The tool can effectively repair your car and make you earn money faster.

- Material: Plastic
- Size: 4.5mm x 48mm

Package Included:

1 x Brake Oil Changing Nozzle