Clay Chisels Tools

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A set of 8pcs pottery clay sculpting tools of different shapes. 8pcs tools include: modeling tool, ribbon tool, loop tool, potters rib, wire clay cutter, metal scraper, needle tool and sponge. Clay tools for pottery components made of high-quality steel & hardwood. Fine polished smooth tips, comfortable, sturdy and durable for a long-lasting use.


These durable and finely crafted professional sculpting tools are easy to work with and clean. The wooden handles are smooth and comfortable yet ensuring a firm and secure grasp. The corrosion resistant metal of pottery tools are solid and bent but don’t break when pressure is applied. The best choice for beginner level pottery and ideal for cleaning and creating decorative effects on clay surfaces.


  • Provide variety of carving shapes to give you more flexibility for your designs. 
  • Lightweight and comfortable construction makes your design much easier. 
  • High quality design for a long-lasting use, easy to clean and storage. 
  • Suitable for Beginners and Experts. 


  • Material: stainless steel, wood, sponge
  • Color: sandal wood, metallic, yellow
  • Size: Sponge: diameter: 7.5cm
  • Needle tool: 16x0.5cm
  • Loop tool: diameter of the circle: 3.8cm
  • Size of the wood: 7.5cm x 1cm(diameter)
  • Metal scraper: 10x5cm
  • Wire clay cutter: 18x1cm
  • Boxwood potter's rib: 20x2cm
  • Boxwood modeling tool: 12x5cm
  • Ribbon tool: 13x2cm


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