Corner Eraser Trowel

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Perfect Tool For Finishing Last Layer Of Drywall Mud on Corners. Flexes to create perfect 90 degree angle!

This Corner Eraser Trowel is built for more smooth corners and less sanding work needed as corner trowel clears any excess mud. Ergonomic plastic handle for added comfort and grip. Small size is great to finish details.

Our best quality corner eraser trowels are designed to be irreplaceable in application of plaster in hard to reach areas. Sharp and anti-adhesive stainless steel blade will give you easy and smooth work practice.This tools were designed for all type of experience levels.

The blade is made of highest quality solid, corrosion resistant top notch stainless steel. Corner eraser trowel is very durable and crafted using premium manufacturing practice. The blade is made of polished, tapered steel which is attached to the handle by forging - this manufacturing practice made our tool unbreakable.


  • Flexes to create perfect 90 degree inside angle.
  • Perfect hand tool for finishing last layer of drywall mud on inside corners.
  • High grade stainless steel for great control and durability
  • Ergonomic padded rubber handle for added comfort and grip


Package Included: 1*Corner Eraser Trowel