Degrease™ Oil Remover (10Pcs)

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The Easiest And Quickest Way To Clean Them! 

Kitchen exhaust fans help in removing the smoke from the kitchen or the smell from a bathroom. These collect dirt after a period of time. If the dirt is not noticed and cleaned, they could stop working too at a point in time. Hence, regular cleaning is required for exhaust fans.

When looking for more ways to green clean my home, people began looking into Degrease™ Oil Remover. After taking Degrease™ Oil Remover for a couple of spins, I must say that I'm absolutely astonished by its power! It never ceases to amaze us that there are so many eco-friendly ways to clean up at home that remain somewhat unknown.

Degrease™ Oil Remover is the original descaling agent for the large-scale water bottle manufacturers to prevent the failure caused by scaling. It dissolves the characteristics of the carbonate so that it can quickly decompose the scale attached to the inner wall of the kitchen exhaust fan and other household items.


  • Degrease™ Oil Remover is suitable for wading products in homes and offices. The additives are food-grade substances, descaling, sterilization, and cleaning.
  • Degrease™ Oil Remover is an excellent kitchen cleaner. It can be used as a degreaser on all types of kitchen items such as saucepans, pots, casserole dishes, hobs, etc. Ideal for cleaning all areas, including worktops to keep the kitchen clean and gleaming.
  • The Degrease™ Oil Remover is made of natural material, eco-friendly and healthy, won’t hurt the kitchen fan. Strong water solubility and easy to wash, it is a safe product.
  • Dosage use method: It is recommended to prepare the ratio of detergent and water 1/50 according to the size and dirt of the product. The water temperature is 60°C. After immersing for 5-10 minutes, rinse it with water.


  • Material: Food grade citric acid
  • Weight: 100g
  • Size: 8cm x6cm x0.5cm

Package Included:

1 x Degrease™ Oil Remover (10 Pcs)