Digital Shower Thermometer

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Baby's body are too sensitive to water temperature when bathing ! We cant just trust out hand's sense of water temperature to adjust the water heater. Now you can simply install this Digital Shower Thermometer to easily keep track of the water temperature !

Too Hot or Too Cold are both very dangerous to baby !

No more worries on adjusting the shower temperature anymore! Digital Shower Thermometer is the latest invention to let people monitor the temperature of the shower in real time. No more risking your hand or body parts to test the water temperature anymore.
You might start wondering about the power source, well, the Digital Shower Thermometer has a build in turbine/generator to generates it's own power from water pressure. The LED Display can be rotate 360° for easy viewing of temperature from any angle. 
  • Smart Home & Bathroom Essential: Real time bathing water thermometer, a necessary home appliance for modern smart home, especially for families with toddlers or babies.
  • Self Powered: The thermometer can derive energy from water pressure, battery-free, monitor shower temperature in real time. There is a build-in electric generator in the water thermometer. Once water flows by, water pressure will drive the motor to generate energy.
  • 360° Rotatable Waterproof LED Display: Display dimension: 1.69’’x0.87’’. 360-degree rotatable display for easy viewing of temperature from any angle.
  • Easy to Install: Connects to standard 1/2" hoses and meets most home and hotel standards. Easy to install and remove, portable size. Quick and easy installation without any tools--fits with handheld shower head, just manually tightened on it.
  • High-Precision Temperature Sensor: Monitor your shower temperature in real time. Temperature Range 5-85°C. 
  • LED Display: The water temperature can be seen very clearly even in the darkness.


  • Material: ABS, PC 
  • Thread type: 1/2 NP
  • Temperate Range: 0-100℃
  • Size: Connects to standard 1/2 inch hose or showerhead