DIY Clay Modeling Tool (14 pcs)

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Great for shaping and sculpting at school and home Innovate and effortlessly create.

DIY Clay Modeling Tool is a perfect tool set for children and parents to play clay while making artworks. It is an ideal tool for craftspeople and hobby applications. 

The DIY Clay Modeling Tool is also a teaching aid or funny toy for children to create unique handmade projects under their imaginations. It is easy to use and clean Custom made for kids' hands.

Product Features: 

Durable Sculpture Tools. These clay modeling tools are made of high-quality plastic material, durable and long service life.
Versatility. 14 mini double-ended tools are for different usages, good for carving, shaping, modeling, making dots, scraping, cutting, brushing, smoothing and so on, suitable for both home and school uses.
Application Scope. These pottery shaping tools are good for pottery classes, ceramic classes, making clay projects. Suitable for both home and school uses.
Comfortable Handle. The handle is comfortable to hold and it is easy to use.

Easy to Carry. With the compact appearance and lightweight, the Clay Modeling tool is convenient to carry.

Product Specifications: 
Material: plastic
Size: length about 11-12.5cm
Diameter: about 0.3-0.5cm
Weight: 30 grams

Package includes:
14 pcs of DIY Clay Modeling Tool