Electric Nail Filer

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Trimming babies' nail can be tricky and challenging as most of the time they move a lot. Leaving the nails to grow long can causes them to hurt themselves, bad hygiene and boost up the growth of bacteria. As babies tend to play with their fingers and frequently put their fingers into their own mouth, parents should look into this matter seriously.
The Electric Nail Filer is the perfect tool for trimming babies' nail as they are safe, easy to use and produce lower noise, you can even trim their nails even when their sleeping. The built-in LED light also helps parents to have better sight on the babies' finger when they're trimming their nails.
This product comes with 6 grinder pad, which 3 of them are specially designed for babies. The special grinder pad for babies are soft and gentle, whereas for parents they can trim their own nail using the adult nail file or buffer.
The Electric Nail Filer can be operated using 2 X AA batteries (not included).