Extreme™ Paint Stripper

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The Best Way To Remove Stubborn Paint From Metal Easily!

Premium™ Paint Stripper is a solvent-based stripper specifically designed to quickly strip and remove unwanted paint from metal surfaces in as little as 10 minutes. It will cling to vertical surfaces and eliminate costly and time-consuming sanding and scraping.

It has advantage of good paint-removing ability and easy operation. It can be applied to machinery maintaining and decoration industry.


  • Easy to apply & remove

  • Solvent borne paint will blister & form a soft film that is easy to peel off

  • Strips up to 12 coats of paint in one application

  • Works from 10 minutes

  • Water washable

  • Strips most types of paint & varnish

  • Doesn't harm the wood

  • Eliminates time consuming scraping and sanding

  • Clings to vertical surfaces


  • Main Raw Material: Acrylic
  • Color: Transparent
  • Volume: 100ml

Package Includes:

1x Premium™ Paint Stripper


  1. Avoid skin contact: wear appropriate overalls and gloves; use appropriate protective oil to protect exposed skin.
  2. Avoid eye contact: wear goggles when using or dealing with paints.
  3. Avoid contact with respiratory system.