Furniture Sticker Residue

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Helps you to remove stubborn adhesive tape and adhesive, suitable for home, wooden furniture, glass surface!


This Furniture Sticker Residue can help you to restore your surface safely, it can remove the sticker, goo without harming your surface. Remove the strong adhesive with just one swipe! Suitable use for removing the adhesives at the wooden furniture, package label, and cured paint.

The sticker residue remover is easy to use. First, tear off the sticker, leaving only the residue, then apply the product to the residue and let it hold for 1-2 minutes, after that we can clean the residue with a rag or small scraper and the sticker residue will be removed!

Besides that, there are no glue marks will be left after using this remover, the sticker residue remover is transparent glue. Great for teachers and parents, use this to remove the sticker residue, gum, tape, left behind by kids. Perfect for collectors and thrifters, safely remove price stickers from a gift, wine glass, clothing, drinking glasses, used video games and much more.


  • Quick and effective, easy to use, home cleaning helper
  • Suitable for window, residual glue, asphalt, paint surface, glass, billboard, marble, stainless steel surface
  • Removes Stickers - great for removing stickers from your surfaces
  • Quick Clean - perfect for quickly cleaning surfaces without damaging them

Weight: 20g
Package Included: 1* Sticker Residue Remover