Garden Hose Fitting Set

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Garden Hose Quick Connect Plastic Fitting Water Hose Connectors,Stand up to 200 PSI,gives the easy connect fitting continuous water flow and it’s a great tool to complete your garden accessories

Tired of having  slow water coming out of your garden hose? This Garden Hose Fitting Set Saves time makes watering easier & more enjoyable.Design your own system with plug & socket quantity options.Enjoy an unobstructed ½" full flow of water volume.

1. Standard 3/4" garden hose connection
2. Strong and durable ABS connector
3. Complete quick connect system
4. Works with 3/4" Garden Hoses, Sprinklers and Spray Nozzles
5. No complicated installation steps. Makes you more efficient.
6. Help you save much time and make you enjoy the easy watering job
How to Install?
Step 1: Attach a Faucet Adaptor to your faucet.
Step 2: Place a Faucet End Connector onto the Faucet Adaptor and attach the female end of the hose to the Connector.
Step 3: Attach a Product End Connector to the male end of the hose.
Step 4: Attach Product Adaptors to your watering tools including nozzles, wands and sprinklers.
Then just quickly connect a watering tool onto the hose.
Packages includes
1x Garden Hose Fitting Set