Humanoid Design Template (Set)

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Draw the perfect figures by using Humanoid Design Template!

Humanoid Design Template is a ruler that perfect for all designer or people interested in design.

It is a set of ruler marking which help in dividing proportion. The transparent template improves accuracy and save your time.

After using Humanoid Design Template, designer can draw a proportion of the style map, which is symmetry and clear.

Product Features:

✅Suitable for drawing, cutting, plate and other clothing design. Suit for designers, pattern maker & Tailor.

✅save the designer time when the designer needs draft drawings.

✅The scale is clear, durable, high accuracy, good flexibility. there are the ideal tool for manual cutting plate making.

Product Specification:

Material : Acrylic Plastic

Size : 260mm 

Color : Transparent

Package Included: 1 Set of Humanoid Design Template (4pcs)