Jelly Floral Art Tool

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The Art Tool That Every Jelly Lover Must Have!

Surprise your family and friends by making your own 3D Jelly Cake in a special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baptisms and so much more and create special memories that last a lifetime. Your party should be different and fun by creating a really unique, beautiful and yummy gelatin cake using this Jelly Floral Art Tools collection. 
This Jelly Art Tool has 10 different designs and is specially designed to allow you to create many different shapes effortlessly. Simply insert the tool into gelatin and inject the color base. Every tool has its own design, so you can make the same 3D flower petals with different angles. You can design any flower by using different tools. The petals and leaves will maintain the shape of the tool. Combine different shapes and sizes to create new, imaginative flowers.
The needle is attached strategically at the base of the shape allowing you to bend and twist the tool to create a desired shape without breaking the tool. Though it will take some time and practice to get a perfect layering but by using clear gelatin you can experiment easily.
1. Use a sharp-tip needle to make the pistil.
2. Create the first layer by choosing a small 3D gelatin tool.
3. Create the second layer by choosing a larger 3D gelatin tool.
4. Repeat the above steps until you have as many layers as you desire.
5. Inject green gelatin into the petals.
6. Inject a coloring of your choice for the flower petal.
✅STAINLESS STEEL GELATIN ART TOOLS: Made of food-grade stainless steel that won’t bend over, break up, or rust. It's seamless, so it's very easy to clean.
DIFFERENT DESIGNS: Every set has 10 tools of various sizes, shapes, and designs so you can create your own unique designs FASTER and EASIER than ever before.
DESIGN A WIDE VARIETY OF FLOWERS: dandelion, plumeria, tulips, azalea, rose, and many more.
STORAGE & CARE: Store the gelatin art tools in a dry place after washing to increase of service life.
FIT FOR PROFESSIONAL OR PERSONAL USE: You can create stunning and beautiful cake with ease and put your artistic and creative stamp on every 3D cake you create!
Each set contains (10 jelly art tool+1syringe)