Knitting Yarn Guide

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Tired of traditional Knitting methods?
Here's a great solution! This tool guides multiple strands over fingers.

Knitting Yarn Guide is an ideal tool for weaving multi-color patterns of up to four colors. It is made of high-quality plastic which is durable and sturdy. The eyelet on the top of the thimble can be gently slid onto the knitting needle without knotting.

In addition, Knitting Yarn Guide designed to assist the colorwork that requires handling up to four wool threads at the same time. Even complex Norwegian patterns and various multi-color patterns can be perfectly and easily realized.  It is easy to open the latch on the eyelet to change the color sequence.


Product Features:

✅Perfect thread guidance during knitting

✅Great for beginners and advance users

✅Yarn guide for making stranded knitting easier

✅Portable, convenient, easy to use and storage.


Product Specification:

Size : About 4 x 2.3CM

Hole Diameter: About 1.3CM

Color: Dark Blue

Material: Plastics

Package Included:  1x Knitting Yarn Guide