Lace Making Stabilizer (5 pcs)

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Get Some Beautiful Decoration On Your Accessories!

This wash away Lace Making Stabilizer is the ideal stabilizer for lace or other free-standing embroidery designs. The purpose of using this stabilizer is to prevent the stitching from shifting and gapping. 

Stitch out a specially digitized lace design onto the Lace Making Stabilizer, then rinse the stabilizer away, leaving only the stitches in a beautiful, airy pattern. Lace designs can be made into various DIY projects such as ornaments and accessories.

This Lace Making Stabilizer is a complete wash away stabilizer, leaving no residual. It dissolves easily in tap water. It is environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-excluded and side-effect-free. It can decompose into water and carbon dioxide through a solution. It can be applied in all kinds of top-grade underwear, fashionable dresses and laced-embroideries.

- Material: PVA fiber
- Dimension: 50cm x 50cm / 1m x1m

Package Included:

1 x Lace Making Stabilizer