Lure Retriever

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Fishing lures being stuck between the rocks and the haystacks is a problem that often occurs when fishing and the fishing lines often broke if you try to pull them using brute force. Lure Retriever is considerately designed for helping you to recover your favorite lure. It can effectively retrieve your lure back. The Lure Retriever is made of  durable stainless steel and copper materials that are designed to be rust-proof and anti-corrosion. It's a necessary tool for fishing lovers!
1. Put the fishing line horizontally attached to the threader. 
2. Bolt the fishing line into the ring. 
3. Pull the fishing line from back to front of the ring.
4. Place the fishing line inside the ring. 
5. Raise the fishing rod and tighten the fishing line while relaxing the retriever line, so that the retriever line will slide down.
6. Pull or shake the retriever line repeatedly to make the retriever slide down and confirm that the lure is attached to the retriever.
7. Pull the retriever rope to retrieve the trapped bait.

This Lure Retriever works best within 15 meters.
  • Considerately Designed: Lure Retriever helps you to recover your favorite lures.
  • Flexible and effective: 80kg maximum tension, excellent working efficiency within 15m distance

Package included: 1*Lure Retriever