Narrow Hemmer Presser Foot

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Professional Approach in Creating Fine, Narrow, Perfectly Rolled Hems

Struggling with narrow hemstitching? We feel your pain. The edges on blouses, scarves, napkins, handkerchiefs, and tablecloths are looking nice and delicate. However, creating this tiny detail can be extremely challenging due to its narrowness which might make the inconsistency in width or inaccuracy of stitching pretty apparent. Yet, it doesn't mean you should give up on this. With the right tool - Narrow Hemmer Presser Foot, you can produce the professional and nice-looking finish of your raw edges better and have less pain in perfecting the edges of the fabrics with practice!

Get A Neatly Finished Narrow Hem in One Step

The scroll on the Narrow Hemmer Presser Foot automatically turns under the edge twice as it is encased by the straight stitch.

  • Narrow and Smooth Indentation at the bottom of the foot: Allow your finished hem to glide under the foot without dragging
  • Width of Groove under foot/Width of Finished Hem: 3mm
  • Work best for lightweight fabrics such as cotton, lawn, silk, and more
  • Fits Most Domestic Machines: Singer, Brother, Kenmore, and etc


Accessories Type: Sewing Machine Parts

Model: 7307

Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: 15g

Size: 3.8cm * 1.2cm * 0.7cm (Length * Width * Height)

Package Includes:

1  x Narrow Hemmer Presser Foot