Outdoor Misting Cooling System

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The fantastic outdoor cooling system provides a cool environment from the heat for your favorite outdoor areas. Cooling and humidifier function bring you a cool summer and a more healthy life.
Misting cooling system produces clean and safe air, completely pre-assembled system delivers very fine mist to significantly cool the air in the hottest summer weather.
Saving more than 10 times cost compared with the humidifier. This is made with high quality UV treated flexible tubing, resistant to UV up to 3.5 or more. Resistant to yellowing, resistant to hydrolysis and resistant to microbial degradation. The built-in stainless steel wafer through advanced forging process, strong durability, is 2.5 times the life of similar nozzle.
  • The fine atomizing nozzle uses a brass body with stainless steel core guide vanes.
  • The liquid forms a centrifugal vortex in the guide vanes.
  • The fine hollow mist particles are sprayed from the nozzle holes, which can be widely used in plant humidification and cooling , disinfection, dust reduction, landscaping, salt spray test and other artificial mist.
  • This nozzle hole is drilled by American precision punching machine, the nozzle diameter is available from 0.1mm to 0.8mm (recommended 0.4mm)
  • Excellent Workmanship
  • The nozzle is 100% tested before leaving the factory.
  • This series is a low-pressure spray. This nozzle can fully use the pressure of tap water for atomization.
Color: White, Black
Available Type:
  1. It is recommended to install the atomization system at a height of 2.5m to 3m.
  2. Connect the adapter to the faucet.
  3. Turn on the tap and clean the system for 1 minute to clean the system and remove impurities.
  4. Screw the spray nozzle onto the tee fitting, except for one nozzle at the end.
  5. Turn on the faucet to clean the system for 2 minutes to ensure that the system is completely cleaned.
  6. Close the water and install the last nozzle to the joint, using the end plug.
  7. A saddle clip is provided for fixing the atomizing pipe.
  8. Turn on the faucet until the atomizer is working and enjoy the cooling atomizing system.
  9. When not using the atomizing system for a long time, close the nozzle and keep it dry and clean.
  • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
  • Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
    9M Kit (black or white ):
    Brass Nozzle :  11PCS
    Nozzle holder:  11PCS
    End Plug: 1PC
    PE tube: 9M
    3/4"  Adapter: 1PC
    Faucet Adapter: 1PC
    Tube Clip: 30 PCS
    Tube Tie: 30 PCS
    12M Kit (black or white ):
    Brass Nozzle :  16PCS
    Nozzle holder:  16PCS
    End Plug: 1PC
    PE tube: 12M
    3/4"  Adapter: 1PC
    Faucet Adapter: 1PC
    Tube Clip: 40 PCS
    Tube Tie: 40 PCS
    15M Kit (black or white ):
    Brass Nozzle :  21PCS
    Nozzle holder:  21PCS
    End Plug: 1PC
    PE tube: 15M
    3/4"  Adapter: 1PC
    Faucet Adapter: 1PC
    Tube Clip: 50 PCS
    Tube Tie: 50 PCS
    18M Kit (black or white ):
    Brass Nozzle :  26PCS
    Nozzle holder:  26PCS
    End Plug: 1PC
    PE tube: 18M
    3/4"  Adapter: 1PC
    Faucet Adapter: 1PC
    Tube Clip: 60 PCS
    Tube Tie: 60 PCS