Side Mount Poultry Drinker

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Make Your Own Waterer Kit with Side Mount Poultry Drinker

Side Mount Poultry Drinker is one of the best upgrades to a traditional chicken waterer. It is a quick and simple way to keep your poultry watered with this nipple waterer by screwing these nipples into the container of your choice, turning your cooler, PVC pipe, 55-gallon rain barrel, 5-gallon bucket, etc. into a highly efficient chicken waterer.

Poultry access the water by tapping the solid stainless-steel trigger, keeping the water clean, and always available. You'll spend far less time cleaning and scrubbing out poopy, dirty waterers, and more time enjoying your flock.


  • Different with vertical nipples, ours innovative Side Mount Poultry Drinker feature a unique horizontal design that will not drip or leak like vertical nipples tend to do, and, because no water is stored in the nipple unit even when your bucket or drinker is full of water, they won't freeze during the winter provided you're heating your water supply.
  • Apart from other horizontal nipples, you'll find elsewhere, ours are made with high-density plastic, super heavy duty!
  • Another benefit of using nipple drinkers vs. traditional tray-based watering systems is that you also have the option to place your chosen waterer on the ground, rather than hang it--a big bonus for many of you who have coops or runs that can't accommodate the weight of hanging systems, and easier refilling and cleaning.
  • Chickens easily learn how to use them and you can feel confident that your birds are drinking clean water. The tapered thread makes it a breeze to install and easier to maintain.


  • Product Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm
  • Product Weight: 0.08g / piece
  • Material: Polyoxymethylene (POM) and Stainless Steel


1 * package of Side Mount Poultry Drinker