Toenail Correction Patch

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The Toenail Correction Patch is made from high quality elastic carbon fiber which has strong elasticity. It can be cut to meet various needs based on your toenail sizes. This Toenail Correction Patch features physical stretching correction technique. After pasting on the surface of the toenail, the pulling force that generated by the elastic patch will play an important part in recovering toenails to normal form. The recovery processes are relaxing and painless. It is convenient, efficient and ensures healthy and stable growth of toenails. 
  1. Trim the patch according to the width of your nail.
  2. Prep your nail and patch surface with fine nail file.
  3. Clean the patch with rubbing alcohol.
  4. Apply glue at the middle part of the patch and stick it on your nail.
  5. Apply adhesive evenly to the side part of the patch.
  6. Make sure the patch is secured on your nail.
  7. Apply protective seal (transparent nail polish).
  8. Now it is the time to let the correction patch to do its work, remove the patch when your nail is fully corrected.

Package Included: 10*Toenail Correction Patch