Valve Core Tool

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Valve Core Tool is a proper tool for replacement of the old valve core of the air conditioner. It removes broken valve core easily. During the removal process, the valve stem is closed so the refrigerant in the air conditioner does not leak. It is unnecessary to refill new refrigerant into the air conditioner.
  • The cool gas joint is adjustable, quick and easy to use .
  • Enclosed low side coupler so the refrigerant does not leak.
  • Excellent for replacing old or damaged valve cores without releasing the refrigerant valve core changer.
  • The valve core puller is adjustable to fit the different valve core sizes
  • Built-in ball valve retains charge & allows access to A/C auto systems.
  • Color: Random (blue/ red)


  1. Unscrew the low-side port's cap.
  2. Connect the Valve Core Tool. 
  3. Insert the extractor to the old valve core.
  4. Unscrew and pull out the old valve core.
  5. Remove the old valve core. 
  6. Put the new valve core on the rod. 
  7. Install the new valve core and place the protective cap back on the low-side port.

Wear proper protective gears such as gloves and goggles during replacement work.