Water-Based Invisible Eyelid Tape

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Looking for an eyelid tape that looks Natural and Invisible? This Water-Based Invisible LACE Eyelid Tape is the BEST option.

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With Fiber Design that offers STRONG ADHESION, this Water-Based Invisible LACE Eyelid Tape does not stick by using glue. It has a special component that make it STICKY with just the use of WATER and stays to your lids LONG LASTINGLY.

Made with LIGHTWEIGHT LACE MATERIAL makes it Light and Thin and Blends with make up easily giving the NATURAL INVISIBILITY LOOK. Its COMFORTABLE, BREATHABLE MESH DESIGN makes you feel as if you're not wearing any on your lids!
To get MOST INVISIBLE EFFECT sticks it after your eye make up application. 
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This Water-Based Invisible LACE Eyelid Tape is Heat Resistant, Sweat and Water Proof. It can be easily applied and removed. Just swipe it gently with a cotton stick to remove water during application and swipe it with damp cotton or tissue when removing.



  • No Glare, Durable, Ultra Invisible and Light Weight
  • Instantly lifts droopy eyelids, uneven eyelids, mono-lids
  • Easily retained and concealed by regular makeup
  • Shape & transform your eyes with eyelid tape. No pain or risk of surgery, create an up eye youthful lift to your lids
  • Excellent air penetrability 
  • Breathable and comfortable

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  • 1 box of Water-Based Invisible Eyelid Tape (Slim Eyelid Tape) - 384 pcs + "Y" Shaped Fork, OR
  • 1 box of Water-Based Invisible Eyelid Tape (Large Eyelid Tape) - 384 pcs + "Y" Shaped Fork

This Water-Based Invisible LACE Eyelid Tape is made of medical-use adhesive fiber which are breathable, waterproof and hypoallergenic. It will not irritate your delicate and soft skin, and will not impede the circulation of blood.